47. Rebellious – Jean torture

One night, while a pair of Levi’s lay in the drawer of a little girl’s room waiting to be worn the next day for school. The girl’s big brother crept into her room and grabbed the jeans. This big brother is not the kind of boy you would want to have in your family. He is the kind who would put a magnifying glass to a farm of ants, place salt on slugs, and pull cat’s tails when he was little. Now, he is older and his expectations for destruction is higher. He pulled the jeans to the back of the house and into his room of torture. First, he placed the jeans on the table and pulled a blinding lamp light over the jeans. He walked away to grab some supplies while the jeans lay there waiting to be worn. The boy came back with a couple of clamps and grabbed each leg of the pants out, pulling them tight and clamping them down. The jeans were stretched out tightly. The boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. He reached over the jeans casting a large shadow over them. Then, while placing his hand over the pockets he began to stab holes in each of the legs. Using his hands he began to rip open the scars he made and warped the jeans into a new shape. After hours of this torture he removed the clamps and set the jeans back into the little girl’s drawer.

This story is very common for a lot of pairs of helpless jeans. People love to destroy them. In fact, at many jean companies all jeans are destroyed on purpose to give the cool already worn look to the pairs before they place them out for sale. Even, famous designers partake in this event by cutting and scarring jeans to call it fashion.

Since, so many people seem to enjoy doing this. I think it would be fun if Levi’s held a jean destroying event. This will be held in old run down ware houses and at night people will be invited to come over to destroy jeans. I hope that this event would be able to pack hundreds of people at night. then the next morning all of these people will be taken back to the city where they will be walking around in their new crazy destroyed jeans in packs.

I am not sure how I would like these people to be invited to the showing. I think well-known jean destroyers who are professionals, or you tube leaders will get special invites with the descriptions of what is going on, and informed to invite as many people they can to join them. For regular people however I think it would be more fun if the Levi’s company made it more of a mystery. For commercials It would be fun if those Levi teenagers were walking individually down roads alone at night, and then an old worn truck with a creepy figure stops by and picks each one up. None of these teenagers act like they know where they are being taken. The figure enters a dirt road, and an old warehouse is know shown (the place of the event) the sky has become foggy and creepy with maybe the sound of far away thunder in the background. the figure takes the teenagers into the house, the teenagers eyes open in fear to something that the audience can’t see and the commercial cuts out. To just text with the invitation to join them at the designated place and time of the event. There will be no explanation of the event but you are told that to get in you need to bring a pair of Levi’s.

Next, for in person invites, it would be fun if a bunch of Levi’s models female and male hung out around at clubs and outside popular hot spots at night. Every time they pass by a person with jeans they will stop them as though checking them out, and then look down at their jeans and complain. They will just say “oh no, oh no, this just won’t do.” while handing them an invite card to the event with the same information.


46. Rebellious – Red tag alert!

In one of my past thankful posts I mentioned how in the old days, when Levi’s were the main brand worn by kids in school a bunch of bullies were known for taking down the new kids and ripped off their red labels. Then, they would display the tags as though they were trophies for winning a race.

Let’s bring that rebellious era back!

It would be fun if Levi’s used people a controversial advertising company to help create this idea. I would like to create a fake news webcast of a report that says: “Breaking news: Bullying has magnified in elementary schools, where we have been told that kids have been held down as their red tags have been forcibly ripped off of their Levi’s. The kids have then proceeded to display their red tags by safety pinning them to their back packs.”

or what if?

Have you ever passed by an electronic store that showed a bunch of television sets all displaying the same channel? If you have, have you ever took a quick moment to look at these television sets? I think another good way to go with this idea, is to have all the televisions broadcasting another fake newscast labeled extremely high importance for the area of the actual electronic stores. I hope that high alerts and having the sound on louder than regular will get a few pedestrians to stop and watch. The newscast will report a serial red tag snatcher in the area. People will be advised to stay in doors for this serial snatcher is armed with a box cutter, unstable, and dangerous. Then the newscast will show the area that the snatcher was last seen (which will turn on an outdoor video camera of the pedestrians watching the television outside the store.) the people will probably be shocked to see themselves suddenly on the television. At this moment, a guy will run down the street at them with a bunch of Levi’s tags strapped onto him. He will scream stop to them and ask where their red tags are as he searches them. Next, three cops (actors) will come racing down the street after the snatcher making him run off, all the actors will run out of sight leaving the audience alone still being video tapped by the camera’s.

The results of this may also be shown on you tube as a fun prank.

Or what if?

Levi’s put out a sales pitch that people could get a free pair of Levi’s if they video taped themselves taking off a red tag of an unwilling individual. Everyone who participates within the rules and posts the videos on the Levi’s website will be sent a new pair of Levi’s jeans for free.

44. Responsible – Taking care of your Levi’s part two

If you take care of your Levi’s they will take care of you. Every time a belt loop breaks, you should sew it back on, and if you do a good job that belt loop will last a few more years.

If you fall and ripped the knees of your pants. You can sew the rip back up and it will protect your knees from scratches for a very long time.

It’s good to know that a pair of jeans like Levi’s has such a long life span, especially if you take care of them.

I would like to create a video of someone wearing a pair of Levi’s (not showing their torso’s or shoes, just the jeans) and have random rips suddenly tear through out the jeans with a loud ripping noise. (close-ups of the jeans tearing and fraying from different angles. After the jeans are done destroying themselves. hands from all over the shot will come in to sew the jeans back together, and make them like new. Then the hands pull away and the jeans figure walks out of the camera shot. text appears after the figure is gone, “These jeans went on wearing for 40 more years, and were passed down four generations. Be responsible”

43. Responsible – Taking care of your Levi’s

I have noticed many people have taken picture of Levi’s with condoms for safe sex, that relates to an old Levi’s commercial, but what about being responsible for your Levi’s?

In the same act of safe sex I think it would be great to see a couple who are making out, and are proceeding to the bedroom as they throw each other up against the walls and on furniture knocking stuff off, breaking things, and even denting the dry wall severely by pushing each other around in an extremely passionate make out session (think of it as an exaggerated version of an idea for rough sex) then the guy throws the girl onto the bed and the rip off their shirts, literally ripping and tearing at each other’s clothes. He then looks down at her pants and looks up at her. The camera closes in at her face as she looks at him bites her lips and smiles allowing him to proceed to take off her pants. This is where the fast paced scene changes as he delicately takes off her jeans and walks away from her, now in her underwear, as he folds the pants, and gently places them on the dresser. He starts to walk back to her then quickly turns back to the pants to fix a minor crease he forgot while folding the pants. Then, he turns back to her and rushes over and hops into bed with her, and they go back at it again. The camera pans and zooms back to the jeans slowly for a close up as you here the bed rocking, items, falling off of furniture from the couple. Text displays above the jeans, wear responsibly. The end.

To help give a visual, I am placing in an ad of jeans, where it became sexy to strip things out of their pockets than take off their clothes, different idea, but same type of style and models.

41. Responsible – My to do list

Being responsible can sometimes be a hard task. I try to be responsible with my time and honestly wish to be productive and inspired 24/7, but unfortunately reality sets in. I have slowly fallen behind in my blog posting with time, and am now stressing over getting all of my posts done. Sometimes I just lose track of time or forget what needs to be done.

Some people have told me to carry around a calendar to help me out, but I have never been good at keeping up with that either, to be honest, for some reason calendars tend to bore me after a few months of writing in it. Plus, I usually tend to forget to bring them with me every where I go. So, instead I need something that is not a boring piece of paper, and reminds me 24/7 of what I need to get done.

I decided the best way to do this is to take my pair of Levi’s I bought at goodwill for this project and write all of the blog posts down that I have yet to do. Now, they will be in plain sight for me and I will never forget about them again. I have also placed a sharpie in my back pocket. When I get an idea for a post I can write it down on the jeans, which will be more time convenient than having to look for a scrap piece of paper.

40. Thankful – Wonderful dates with a cute boy in Levi’s

It’s finally happened, I may have met my dream guy. Well, I cannot prove that he is my dream guy, but some how everything he does and says is absolutely perfect. He came up to me at random and handed me his number. The next, week we were off on our first date. He reserved a table for us at a nice restaraunt, and afterwards we went out ice skating.

Now, we have been officially known each other for over a week, and in that small amount of time we have seen the christmas lights at the Omni, went to belle isle at night when the sky was lit with stars, including to the things we did on our first date. Who knows how many things we could do in a month. There is one thing I noticed about this guy, he is usually seen wearing Levi’s! Really? another guy who has gentleman like qualities of holding open the door, and letting a lady go first like my mom’s boyfriend is also a fan of Levi’s? I am beginning to wonder if there is something in the brand.

Wouldn’t that be interesting though? If you could pick out your mate based on the brand of jeans they wore? What if all Levi’s guys were polite gentlemen who knew how to have a little bit of fun? How would that change people’s perceptions of brands like Levi’s?

What if there was a dating service called date my jeans? A woman would sit behind the wall and ask different pairs of jeans on the other side of the wall questions of how they like to date, and what they are looking for in a wearer. It would be an interesting way of finding the perfect pair instead of just trying them on in a store.

39. Thankful – the Good old times

I work every weekend at an Irish restaraunt in richmond. I have gotten use to the routine of comming into work to watch the old timers at grab their usual seat at the bar, and ask the bartendeer for their usual drink. This routine has not changed for the five years I have been working there, and according to the men who sit there, has not changed for over 20 years. It wasn’t until this project on Levi’s came about that I really got to notice the fashion sense of these men. Most of the guys come in with jeans held up by a belt, and some kind of shirt tucked into their jeans. The jeans range from wranglers to Levi’s, but the majority is Levi’s.

I asked an old bartender who has worked for this restaraunt for many years why these men seemed to be attracted to this brand. He told me that during the time he was a kid (prehistoric era) there wasn’t many brands around besides Levi’s and Wranglers. He said that Levi’s were the cool thing to wear, and everyone wanted to show off their red tag. It was so cool in fact, that a bunch of school bullies would walk around and attack the new kids in order to strip off the red label from their jeans. They would collect the little red tags and display them like trophies for everyone to see.

Even though times have changed outside of the restaraunt, it has remained the same inside. These men come in with their favorite attire and talk about the current times along with the gold old times of when they first met. They are their own tribe here, with a daily loyalty to the restaraunt and their jeans. This makes me wonder why the company of Levi’s is spending so much time targeting young teenagers with many sexual ads when they aren’t doing much for their most loyal customers?

It also made me wonder if other restaraunts with the same old timers also chose to wear Levi’s, but that question will need to wait to be answered. Another question I thought of on the other hand, was will there ever be a place for Levi’s to apply to the restaraunt world I work in?

If it did appear in restaraunts, it would probably need to be more functional rather than visual or entertainment, because these old timers are not interested in young play or good looks like those young teenagers found on the Levi’s commercials.

Hmmm….. so what would work? Well the first thing that comes to mind is drink coasters. The bar top tends to get slippery when its wet, and coasters are already placed under the cups at my work. Plus, I think that a jean coaster may actually last longer than the cheap styrofoam ones alcohol brands hand out. Another addition to the drink idea is the logo of Levi’s. If you take a look at the picture below, you may notice the round edges of the bottom of the logo. I wonder if those circular edges were enhance more to fit a bar glass then it could become a glass holder that could be nailed into the top of the bar.

Finally, my last idea for bringing Levi’s into a restaraunt would be to strip off the belt loops of the jeans and tack them right underneath the bar as a hanger for umbrella’s and bag’s. The owner always talked about adding hooks underneath for purses so that they wouldn’t get splashed with dropped alcohol and would not be an easy reach for some one who may come in to steal. The only problem with metal or wooden hooks is that if you were to sit up at the bar and wanted to cross your legs, your knees would most likely scrape up against the hooks. Material hooks however would not harm your legs if you accidently hit them.

Ex. Independent – Levi’s now broadcasting


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The company of Levi’s is known for using songs in their commercials, and have even helped to bring back old favorites. So, I wondered what it would be like if a product like Levi’s had their own radio station based off of themselves. So I decided to make one up. Levi’s would probably be considered an independent radio station playing many different styles of music at certain scheduled times. They would switch to old classic jazzy bands, to pure rock & roll, to now the more popular hits of bands created in america. They would promote small local bands who are likely to become American favorites. Finally, instead of having commercials that promote “JEANS, JEANS, JEANS!!!!!” they would have small talk time slots where guest appearances by celebrities, band groups, and people who call in will be able to talk about their experiences with Levi’s. It could be the happiest memories to the most embarrassing times. There will be contests held for Levi paraphernalia of historic products, celebrity worn products, or products created by a famous designer. Finally, most radio stations have websites for listeners to follow on the computer or a mobile device, Levi’s shall have one too. On the website, listeners will be able to talk to the radio hosts, pick out their favorite songs on a poll, or which songs should be played, talk to designers, celebrities, or other listeners on their Levi’s experiences, and maybe even be able to discuss with designers what they think the products should look like or how well they work.

Here are some of the samples of music Levi’s will be playing on their radio:

Morning oldies: to relax while stuck in traffic for work.

Next will be a break for a two talk sessions, first “Comedy hour with your Levi’s” which will list peoples most embarrassing moments with their jeans by a hilarious comedian, to liven up the day as we roll into the afternoon.

The second talk sessions will be: “Levi’s and Beyond” where people will talk about other handy uses these jeans can be used for besides just wearing.

During the afternoon the station will go back to music for everyone’s lunch break. This will feature a lot of rock like songs to pump up the audience.

Next at around 3 p.m. another talk session with celebrities and upcoming bands.

When it gets closer to the time when people head out of work, some fun beats will come on to the radio, and remixes as well.

When The night comes The songs will become more hardcore for the night birds and younger generation. a few talk shows about Levi’s memories and parties will be used to transition the different styles of songs.


All of this songs have been used in Levi’s commercials at some point or another. If you have not clicked and listened on any of these youtube clips, I suggest taking a look at the last one because it is funny and cute while being good music too.

33. Progression – Smell test


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After creating an independent post based on the life of a college student where I was trying to find the freshest smelling pair of already worn jeans, made me wonder, how long could a pair of jeans go surrounded by extremely bad smelling items before the sent caught on to the material. I also wondered if I stuck many different pairs of jeans next to the same smelly objects which brand of jeans would hold up the best against the smell.

So, in order to test out my idea I decided to make a scientific experiment out of it. 

I grabbed three pairs of jeans that I own and one corduroy pants that I thought would make a worthy opponent. The jeans shown above are from the following brands listed in order from left to right: H2O, Toxic, New York & Company, and Levi’s. Next, I decided that there would be no better way to hold the smell test than to give the jeans the ultimate experience…..laying them in a big garbage dumpster.

The dumpster already had one large bag of garbage in it that contained used cat litter, chinese food from a week ago, old fragments of bread and pasta’s that I never finished eating, half eaten burgers from wendy’s, ice cream that went bad, and many other unmentionable items.

First, I placed the jeans into the trash can making sure that each pair was set directly onto the trash. Then I made a hypothesis on which pair of jeans would win, due to the weight and thickness of the material I thought the two heavier: Levi’s and H2O would outlast the skinny pair of Toxic jeans. Though, the heaviest pair is actually the white corduroy jeans I assumed that the soft cottony material of this pair would soak up the smell of the trash quickly.

Next, over a course of a week I opened up the trash and reviewed the smell of each pair.

Day 2: so far so good none of the jeans really have an odor. I might have smelled a hint of chinese food on the Toxic jeans but I am not sure.

Day 3: Now, there is a definite smell on the Toxic jeans, and even a small smell on the H2O. The Levi’s and NY & Co. though are still smell free.

Day 4: The Toxic and H2O jeans smell horrible! Flies have now swarmed into the trash can along with ants walking all over my pants (there will be multiple washings of the pants after this experiment is over.) The Ny & Co. and the Levi’s are still holding up strong.

Day 5: The results are still the same though I might have smelled a hint of something on the Levi’s. I added a pizza box with three unfinished slices of pizza’s topped with pepperoni’s, onions, and sausage.

Day 6: Now the loser’s of this race are becoming obvious with H2O and Toxic officially out of the race. The garbage smells horrendous That I almost refused to put the jeans up to my nose.

Day 7: Finally! This experiment is over, now I can put these bad boys straight into the wash and get them cleaned like new again. As for the results the winner is (drum roll please)…………………………………………..NY & Co. Corduroy jeans! surprisingly enough the material was thick enough to withstand the smell unlike I originally thought. Levi’s was a close second, I guess the material was just not thick enough. Now I know, if I ever wanted to camp out at a landfill for a week or two to catch a sun tan which pair of pants I will be grabbing.