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Don quixote was a sweet man who only tried to do good even while being in an impracticle state of mind. I enjoyed watching his story on youtube and seeing how many crazy version of this guy has been depicted on the web (this includes cartoons, movies in spanish, and a couple really crazy asain versions of the story in a play!) While veiwing the videos, I kept focusing on the the silliness of this man’s attempts to be a chivalrous hero. Then, I decided that I would create my own knight’s outfit in order to create my own silly adventures. I took a pair of Levi’s jeans and completely destroyed them cutting off the legs, buttons, rivets, and even the sewn edges apart.

Then, I proceeded to pin up all the pieces of the jeans to create my own knights costume. Unfortunately, one pair was not enough to create a helmet or sheild to accessorize my costume, nor was it enough to cover the backside of my costume, leaving it completely revealing (guess I won’t wear it on a cold winter knight any time soon.) The whole process of pinning and ripping apart the jeans took two days, and I don’t think it turned out too bad for just freestyling the design that I imagined in my mind.