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What if a pair of Levi’s watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? What would it think? What would it do?

Levi stared in wonder while watching another pair from her family travel around the world by the hands of four young girls. This was her favorite movie, and she knew every line. When the movie came to an end she stood up and romanticized her own adventure in her mind. In this dream, she wrapped herself up in a tight ball and squeezed her delicate body into a tiny wine bottle that sat on a desolate beach. Then, while grabbing the cork, she cast herself out to the sea in hopes of reaching a distant land.

Levi spent several days in the water. She was rocked to sleep by the current when the ocean was calm but, when a storm came she was tossed and thrown against towering waves at alarming speeds. She began to wonder if she would ever see land again.

Finally, after what felt like years out at sea Levi finally rolled back onto land. She eagerly pried the bottle open and slowly squeezed out of the bottle, freeing her now cramping buttons……


Suddenly, she abruptly awoke back in front of the T.V. relaxing in her cozy living room. What a weird dream, she thought. As she walked out of the room and into the kitchen she did not notice that her legs were sloshing around on the floor, drench by salt water, she did not notice the crunching of sand that had collected onto her ankles, nor did she see the stamps, vibrantly pinned to her revealing pictures and words from distant lands around the world.

 {*Quixotic – part of the definition: romantic, impulsive, and unpredictable were used to create this post. All photos are photoshoped by me on this website unless said otherwise}