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While learning the definition of the word Quixotic I began to wonder who in my life would fit this definition. Then my mom’s boyfriend came to mind. He always follows the classic gentleman standards of holding the door open for ladies, offering to pay all restraunt bills, and maintain a polite manner in any situation. He also tends to take his gentleman-like ways a step further. For instance, when my mom ruptured a disc in her back (look at post # 13 for more information,) he made sure that she did not have to lift any heavy objects, reach high for things, or do anything that would harm her while she was hurt (this includes bringing the car to her, and buckling her seatbelt for her.)

He is also a handy man and helps out without question (even when sometimes he does not know what he is getting himself into), when Virginia was hit by the tropical storms from the hurricane, he went up into our dark creepy attic to look for potential leaks from the downpour. Then, he helped us fix our fence that had fallen from the storm by redigging post holes and hammering the broken fence peices back together. Finally, he has also helped us to do minor fixes on the home by painting the front porch, painting the balcony roof, and spraying down a nest of nasty wasps that attacked my mom while she was raking.

The most quixotic thing I have seen him do though, was for me. It was storming extremely hard one night, and we parked at WaWa to pick up some drinks after getting SweetFrog. I offered to go in for my mom, and Mike tried to hand me an umbrella. To be honest, I have never really been a girlly-girl when it comes to these things, and gave him a funny look while thinking “pshhh….umbrella’s are for wimps.” Needless to say, I ran into the gas station and was drenched when I got in. I quickly picked the drinks we needed without wasting time, and waited in line shaking in the cold (guess who also doesn’t really believe in coats? yep, me…) I payed for the items and started to walk out when I noticed that in the glass window her boyfriend was standing outside in the pouring rain this whole time waiting for me to come out with and cover me with his umbrella. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing when I came outside by the fact that it was kind of random to see a guy just waiting outside in the rain making funny faces to my mom, and also the car was only 7 feet away from the door, but it was probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen a guy do!

And what does a man like this wear? drum roll please……………………..You guessed it Levi’s! He owns multiple pairs.


(above jean pictures taken by Mike, from cell phone..not bad eh?)

Below is a song that is ironically titled blue jeans and started playing during the creation of this post, I wonder if the man she was speaking of wore Levi’s?

Lana Del Ray – Blue Jeans