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After creating an independent post based on the life of a college student where I was trying to find the freshest smelling pair of already worn jeans, made me wonder, how long could a pair of jeans go surrounded by extremely bad smelling items before the sent caught on to the material. I also wondered if I stuck many different pairs of jeans next to the same smelly objects which brand of jeans would hold up the best against the smell.

So, in order to test out my idea I decided to make a scientific experiment out of it. 

I grabbed three pairs of jeans that I own and one corduroy pants that I thought would make a worthy opponent. The jeans shown above are from the following brands listed in order from left to right: H2O, Toxic, New York & Company, and Levi’s. Next, I decided that there would be no better way to hold the smell test than to give the jeans the ultimate experience…..laying them in a big garbage dumpster.

The dumpster already had one large bag of garbage in it that contained used cat litter, chinese food from a week ago, old fragments of bread and pasta’s that I never finished eating, half eaten burgers from wendy’s, ice cream that went bad, and many other unmentionable items.

First, I placed the jeans into the trash can making sure that each pair was set directly onto the trash. Then I made a hypothesis on which pair of jeans would win, due to the weight and thickness of the material I thought the two heavier: Levi’s and H2O would outlast the skinny pair of Toxic jeans. Though, the heaviest pair is actually the white corduroy jeans I assumed that the soft cottony material of this pair would soak up the smell of the trash quickly.

Next, over a course of a week I opened up the trash and reviewed the smell of each pair.

Day 2: so far so good none of the jeans really have an odor. I might have smelled a hint of chinese food on the Toxic jeans but I am not sure.

Day 3: Now, there is a definite smell on the Toxic jeans, and even a small smell on the H2O. The Levi’s and NY & Co. though are still smell free.

Day 4: The Toxic and H2O jeans smell horrible! Flies have now swarmed into the trash can along with ants walking all over my pants (there will be multiple washings of the pants after this experiment is over.) The Ny & Co. and the Levi’s are still holding up strong.

Day 5: The results are still the same though I might have smelled a hint of something on the Levi’s. I added a pizza box with three unfinished slices of pizza’s topped with pepperoni’s, onions, and sausage.

Day 6: Now the loser’s of this race are becoming obvious with H2O and Toxic officially out of the race. The garbage smells horrendous That I almost refused to put the jeans up to my nose.

Day 7: Finally! This experiment is over, now I can put these bad boys straight into the wash and get them cleaned like new again. As for the results the winner is (drum roll please)…………………………………………..NY & Co. Corduroy jeans! surprisingly enough the material was thick enough to withstand the smell unlike I originally thought. Levi’s was a close second, I guess the material was just not thick enough. Now I know, if I ever wanted to camp out at a landfill for a week or two to catch a sun tan which pair of pants I will be grabbing.