I work every weekend at an Irish restaraunt in richmond. I have gotten use to the routine of comming into work to watch the old timers at grab their usual seat at the bar, and ask the bartendeer for their usual drink. This routine has not changed for the five years I have been working there, and according to the men who sit there, has not changed for over 20 years. It wasn’t until this project on Levi’s came about that I really got to notice the fashion sense of these men. Most of the guys come in with jeans held up by a belt, and some kind of shirt tucked into their jeans. The jeans range from wranglers to Levi’s, but the majority is Levi’s.

I asked an old bartender who has worked for this restaraunt for many years why these men seemed to be attracted to this brand. He told me that during the time he was a kid (prehistoric era) there wasn’t many brands around besides Levi’s and Wranglers. He said that Levi’s were the cool thing to wear, and everyone wanted to show off their red tag. It was so cool in fact, that a bunch of school bullies would walk around and attack the new kids in order to strip off the red label from their jeans. They would collect the little red tags and display them like trophies for everyone to see.

Even though times have changed outside of the restaraunt, it has remained the same inside. These men come in with their favorite attire and talk about the current times along with the gold old times of when they first met. They are their own tribe here, with a daily loyalty to the restaraunt and their jeans. This makes me wonder why the company of Levi’s is spending so much time targeting young teenagers with many sexual ads when they aren’t doing much for their most loyal customers?

It also made me wonder if other restaraunts with the same old timers also chose to wear Levi’s, but that question will need to wait to be answered. Another question I thought of on the other hand, was will there ever be a place for Levi’s to apply to the restaraunt world I work in?

If it did appear in restaraunts, it would probably need to be more functional rather than visual or entertainment, because these old timers are not interested in young play or good looks like those young teenagers found on the Levi’s commercials.

Hmmm….. so what would work? Well the first thing that comes to mind is drink coasters. The bar top tends to get slippery when its wet, and coasters are already placed under the cups at my work. Plus, I think that a jean coaster may actually last longer than the cheap styrofoam ones alcohol brands hand out. Another addition to the drink idea is the logo of Levi’s. If you take a look at the picture below, you may notice the round edges of the bottom of the logo. I wonder if those circular edges were enhance more to fit a bar glass then it could become a glass holder that could be nailed into the top of the bar.

Finally, my last idea for bringing Levi’s into a restaraunt would be to strip off the belt loops of the jeans and tack them right underneath the bar as a hanger for umbrella’s and bag’s. The owner always talked about adding hooks underneath for purses so that they wouldn’t get splashed with dropped alcohol and would not be an easy reach for some one who may come in to steal. The only problem with metal or wooden hooks is that if you were to sit up at the bar and wanted to cross your legs, your knees would most likely scrape up against the hooks. Material hooks however would not harm your legs if you accidently hit them.