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The company of Levi’s is known for using songs in their commercials, and have even helped to bring back old favorites. So, I wondered what it would be like if a product like Levi’s had their own radio station based off of themselves. So I decided to make one up. Levi’s would probably be considered an independent radio station playing many different styles of music at certain scheduled times. They would switch to old classic jazzy bands, to pure rock & roll, to now the more popular hits of bands created in america. They would promote small local bands who are likely to become American favorites. Finally, instead of having commercials that promote “JEANS, JEANS, JEANS!!!!!” they would have small talk time slots where guest appearances by celebrities, band groups, and people who call in will be able to talk about their experiences with Levi’s. It could be the happiest memories to the most embarrassing times. There will be contests held for Levi paraphernalia of historic products, celebrity worn products, or products created by a famous designer. Finally, most radio stations have websites for listeners to follow on the computer or a mobile device, Levi’s shall have one too. On the website, listeners will be able to talk to the radio hosts, pick out their favorite songs on a poll, or which songs should be played, talk to designers, celebrities, or other listeners on their Levi’s experiences, and maybe even be able to discuss with designers what they think the products should look like or how well they work.

Here are some of the samples of music Levi’s will be playing on their radio:

Morning oldies: to relax while stuck in traffic for work.

Next will be a break for a two talk sessions, first “Comedy hour with your Levi’s” which will list peoples most embarrassing moments with their jeans by a hilarious comedian, to liven up the day as we roll into the afternoon.

The second talk sessions will be: “Levi’s and Beyond” where people will talk about other handy uses these jeans can be used for besides just wearing.

During the afternoon the station will go back to music for everyone’s lunch break. This will feature a lot of rock like songs to pump up the audience.

Next at around 3 p.m. another talk session with celebrities and upcoming bands.

When it gets closer to the time when people head out of work, some fun beats will come on to the radio, and remixes as well.

When The night comes The songs will become more hardcore for the night birds and younger generation. a few talk shows about Levi’s memories and parties will be used to transition the different styles of songs.


All of this songs have been used in Levi’s commercials at some point or another. If you have not clicked and listened on any of these youtube clips, I suggest taking a look at the last one because it is funny and cute while being good music too.