It’s finally happened, I may have met my dream guy. Well, I cannot prove that he is my dream guy, but some how everything he does and says is absolutely perfect. He came up to me at random and handed me his number. The next, week we were off on our first date. He reserved a table for us at a nice restaraunt, and afterwards we went out ice skating.

Now, we have been officially known each other for over a week, and in that small amount of time we have seen the christmas lights at the Omni, went to belle isle at night when the sky was lit with stars, including to the things we did on our first date. Who knows how many things we could do in a month. There is one thing I noticed about this guy, he is usually seen wearing Levi’s! Really? another guy who has gentleman like qualities of holding open the door, and letting a lady go first like my mom’s boyfriend is also a fan of Levi’s? I am beginning to wonder if there is something in the brand.

Wouldn’t that be interesting though? If you could pick out your mate based on the brand of jeans they wore? What if all Levi’s guys were polite gentlemen who knew how to have a little bit of fun? How would that change people’s perceptions of brands like Levi’s?

What if there was a dating service called date my jeans? A woman would sit behind the wall and ask different pairs of jeans on the other side of the wall questions of how they like to date, and what they are looking for in a wearer. It would be an interesting way of finding the perfect pair instead of just trying them on in a store.