I have noticed many people have taken picture of Levi’s with condoms for safe sex, that relates to an old Levi’s commercial, but what about being responsible for your Levi’s?

In the same act of safe sex I think it would be great to see a couple who are making out, and are proceeding to the bedroom as they throw each other up against the walls and on furniture knocking stuff off, breaking things, and even denting the dry wall severely by pushing each other around in an extremely passionate make out session (think of it as an exaggerated version of an idea for rough sex) then the guy throws the girl onto the bed and the rip off their shirts, literally ripping and tearing at each other’s clothes. He then looks down at her pants and looks up at her. The camera closes in at her face as she looks at him bites her lips and smiles allowing him to proceed to take off her pants. This is where the fast paced scene changes as he delicately takes off her jeans and walks away from her, now in her underwear, as he folds the pants, and gently places them on the dresser. He starts to walk back to her then quickly turns back to the pants to fix a minor crease he forgot while folding the pants. Then, he turns back to her and rushes over and hops into bed with her, and they go back at it again. The camera pans and zooms back to the jeans slowly for a close up as you here the bed rocking, items, falling off of furniture from the couple. Text displays above the jeans, wear responsibly. The end.

To help give a visual, I am placing in an ad of jeans, where it became sexy to strip things out of their pockets than take off their clothes, different idea, but same type of style and models.