If you take care of your Levi’s they will take care of you. Every time a belt loop breaks, you should sew it back on, and if you do a good job that belt loop will last a few more years.

If you fall and ripped the knees of your pants. You can sew the rip back up and it will protect your knees from scratches for a very long time.

It’s good to know that a pair of jeans like Levi’s has such a long life span, especially if you take care of them.

I would like to create a video of someone wearing a pair of Levi’s (not showing their torso’s or shoes, just the jeans) and have random rips suddenly tear through out the jeans with a loud ripping noise. (close-ups of the jeans tearing and fraying from different angles. After the jeans are done destroying themselves. hands from all over the shot will come in to sew the jeans back together, and make them like new. Then the hands pull away and the jeans figure walks out of the camera shot. text appears after the figure is gone, “These jeans went on wearing for 40 more years, and were passed down four generations. Be responsible”