One night, while a pair of Levi’s lay in the drawer of a little girl’s room waiting to be worn the next day for school. The girl’s big brother crept into her room and grabbed the jeans. This big brother is not the kind of boy you would want to have in your family. He is the kind who would put a magnifying glass to a farm of ants, place salt on slugs, and pull cat’s tails when he was little. Now, he is older and his expectations for destruction is higher. He pulled the jeans to the back of the house and into his room of torture. First, he placed the jeans on the table and pulled a blinding lamp light over the jeans. He walked away to grab some supplies while the jeans lay there waiting to be worn. The boy came back with a couple of clamps and grabbed each leg of the pants out, pulling them tight and clamping them down. The jeans were stretched out tightly. The boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. He reached over the jeans casting a large shadow over them. Then, while placing his hand over the pockets he began to stab holes in each of the legs. Using his hands he began to rip open the scars he made and warped the jeans into a new shape. After hours of this torture he removed the clamps and set the jeans back into the little girl’s drawer.

This story is very common for a lot of pairs of helpless jeans. People love to destroy them. In fact, at many jean companies all jeans are destroyed on purpose to give the cool already worn look to the pairs before they place them out for sale. Even, famous designers partake in this event by cutting and scarring jeans to call it fashion.

Since, so many people seem to enjoy doing this. I think it would be fun if Levi’s held a jean destroying event. This will be held in old run down ware houses and at night people will be invited to come over to destroy jeans. I hope that this event would be able to pack hundreds of people at night. then the next morning all of these people will be taken back to the city where they will be walking around in their new crazy destroyed jeans in packs.

I am not sure how I would like these people to be invited to the showing. I think well-known jean destroyers who are professionals, or you tube leaders will get special invites with the descriptions of what is going on, and informed to invite as many people they can to join them. For regular people however I think it would be more fun if the Levi’s company made it more of a mystery. For commercials It would be fun if those Levi teenagers were walking individually down roads alone at night, and then an old worn truck with a creepy figure stops by and picks each one up. None of these teenagers act like they know where they are being taken. The figure enters a dirt road, and an old warehouse is know shown (the place of the event) the sky has become foggy and creepy with maybe the sound of far away thunder in the background. the figure takes the teenagers into the house, the teenagers eyes open in fear to something that the audience can’t see and the commercial cuts out. To just text with the invitation to join them at the designated place and time of the event. There will be no explanation of the event but you are told that to get in you need to bring a pair of Levi’s.

Next, for in person invites, it would be fun if a bunch of Levi’s models female and male hung out around at clubs and outside popular hot spots at night. Every time they pass by a person with jeans they will stop them as though checking them out, and then look down at their jeans and complain. They will just say “oh no, oh no, this just won’t do.” while handing them an invite card to the event with the same information.