In one of my past thankful posts I mentioned how in the old days, when Levi’s were the main brand worn by kids in school a bunch of bullies were known for taking down the new kids and ripped off their red labels. Then, they would display the tags as though they were trophies for winning a race.

Let’s bring that rebellious era back!

It would be fun if Levi’s used people a controversial advertising company to help create this idea. I would like to create a fake news webcast of a report that says: “Breaking news: Bullying has magnified in elementary schools, where we have been told that kids have been held down as their red tags have been forcibly ripped off of their Levi’s. The kids have then proceeded to display their red tags by safety pinning them to their back packs.”

or what if?

Have you ever passed by an electronic store that showed a bunch of television sets all displaying the same channel? If you have, have you ever took a quick moment to look at these television sets? I think another good way to go with this idea, is to have all the televisions broadcasting another fake newscast labeled extremely high importance for the area of the actual electronic stores. I hope that high alerts and having the sound on louder than regular will get a few pedestrians to stop and watch. The newscast will report a serial red tag snatcher in the area. People will be advised to stay in doors for this serial snatcher is armed with a box cutter, unstable, and dangerous. Then the newscast will show the area that the snatcher was last seen (which will turn on an outdoor video camera of the pedestrians watching the television outside the store.) the people will probably be shocked to see themselves suddenly on the television. At this moment, a guy will run down the street at them with a bunch of Levi’s tags strapped onto him. He will scream stop to them and ask where their red tags are as he searches them. Next, three cops (actors) will come racing down the street after the snatcher making him run off, all the actors will run out of sight leaving the audience alone still being video tapped by the camera’s.

The results of this may also be shown on you tube as a fun prank.

Or what if?

Levi’s put out a sales pitch that people could get a free pair of Levi’s if they video taped themselves taking off a red tag of an unwilling individual. Everyone who participates within the rules and posts the videos on the Levi’s website will be sent a new pair of Levi’s jeans for free.